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The OUSD protocol will be governed by its users

While OUSD’s lead developers and community advocates are currently members of the Origin team, it is our intention to rapidly move towards decentralized governance.


Phase 1

Origin team and contributors release initial smart contracts, managed by a 5 of 8 multisig with a timelock
Initial yield-earning strategies (lending and rewards token collection) are implemented
Smart contracts are audited and stress tested

Phase 2

Initial governance privileges and incentives given to users who create value for OUSD
Origin team and contributors add additional yield-earning strategies (e.g. supplying liquidity to automated market makers)

Phase 3

Further stress testing
Rollout of audited governance contracts
Continued distribution of governance privileges and incentives to OUSD users

Phase 4

Full decentralized governance
Origin renounces ownership of all smart contracts

Incentivizing stakeholders

Governance privileges and incentives will be given to users that create value for the OUSD platform

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